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EU Immigration Law (Text and Commentary)
Second Revised Edition

Edited with S. Peers, E. Guild, K. Groenendijk and V. Moreno-Lax (Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff, 2012)
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Since 1999, the EU has adopted legislation harmonizing many areas of immigration law, in particular rules on borders, visas, legal migration, and irregular migration.The much-enlarged and fully updated second edition of this book contains the text of and detailed commentary upon every significant measure in this field proposed or adopted up until 1 September 2011.

It includes commentary on the EU visa code, the Schengen Borders Code, the Frontex Regulation, the Returns Directive, the Directives on family reunion, long-term resients and single permits for migrant workers, and many more besides. This is the essential guid e for any lawyers, academics, civil servants, NGOs and students interested in this area of law.

Cited by Advocate General Szpunar in Case C-544/15 in Sahar Fahimian v Federal Republic of Germany, delivered on 29 November 2016.


‘These two volumes represent a comprehensive source of information about the current state of EU immigration law, presented in a clear and easily accessible manner.(…) the two volumes are definitely of great value for any academic reader or professional working in this field, because of their comprehensive nature and synthesis of important legal sources.’

Marija Jovanovic, International Journal of Refugee Law, 25 (2014), pp. 842–850.

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Institutional Framework
  3. The Blue Card Directive
  4. Intra-corporate transferees
  5. Researchers
  6. Seasonal workers
  7. Students and others
  8. Single permits and workers’ rights
  9. Family Reunion
  10. Long-term residence
  11. Social security coordination
  12. Carrier sanctions
  13. Facilitation of irregular entry
  14. Trafficking in persons
  15. Employer sanctions
  16. Victims of trafficking
  17. The Returns Directive
  18. Mutual recognition of expulsion decisions
  19. Transit for expulsion
  20. Readmission treaties